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XSP-00 Series Biological Microscope


XSP-00 series biological microscope is very suitable for observing biological slices and specimens in elementary and middle schools. It can also be used for routine inspection and analysis of biology and pathology in health inspection departments.

Main advantages:

● Mechanical tube length 160mm

● Pure optical glass lens, coated optical components

● All objectives are in parfocal and the center is consistent

● Refined metal rack and pinion focusing mechanism, comfortable and stable, durable

● Focusing limit mechanism, which can effectively avoid the damage of the objective lens and the glass slide

● Anti-skid protection mechanism of the focusing hand wheel, prevent damage to the focusing system when the focusing is overloaded

● Metal stage, anti-corrosion

● Metal horseshoe-shaped base, sturdy and stable, the arm bracket can be tilted at 45°

Product details:

● Eyepieces

Huygens H5X, H10X, H16X


XSP-00 Series Biological Microscope Main Parameters

Model Number XSP-01 XSP-02 XSP-03 XSP-06 XSP-200X


40X-500X 40X-640X 50X-1000X 50X-1600X 200X
Observation tube
Monocular vertical tube
Eyepiece H10X,H12.5X H10X,H16X H5X,H10X H5X,H10X,H16X H12.5X


4X, 10X,


4X, 10X,


10X, 40X(Spring),

100X(Spring, Oil)

10X, 40X(Spring),

100X(Spring, Oil)

Achromatic: H16X
Nosepiece Three holes
Stage Monolayer square working stage,

with slice clips, area: 120mmX120mm

Monolayer square working stage,

with moving ruler, area: 120mmX120mm

Monolayer square working stage, with slice clips, area:




Coarse focusing range: 50mm, fine focusing graduation: 1.8mm-2.2mm Coarse focusing

range 20mm



Φ3.2, Φ4, Φ5, Φ8, Φ15 /
Condenser Single lens, N.A.=0.65, dial diaphragm Abbe condenser, N.A.=1.25,

iris diaphragm, filter holder

Illumination Plano-concave mirror, Φ50mm Plano-concave

mirror, Φ40mm



Electric light source: LED, 1W
Electric light source: Incandescent lighting, 220V/20W or 110V/20W


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