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XC-200 Portable COD Reactor And Test Tube Heater LoHand China

Thanks for choosing XC-200 portable COD REACTOR and test tube heater, This manual will provide you with the necessary information for the correct use of the instrument. Please read it carefully before using the meter.


Product Details

portable COD Reactor

The XC-200 thermo-reactor is constructed of durable materials with a vial capacity to perform up to 4 digestions simultaneously.

The reactor can set the heating temperature between 20-180℃ and heating period between 0-120mins.

The reactor contains a thermal fuse that prevents overheating, by turning off the heating element automatically with warning beep.

A beep will be heard and the heating element will turn off at the end of the selected time period.

The temperature is continuously displayed on the LCD even when there is no active temperature program running.

The reactor equips transparent plastic protection shield to protect the operator.

The reactor has USB connector which can connect with 12V Vehicle Power Adaptors for outside using.

Please examine this product carefully. Make sure that the instrument is not damaged. If any damage occurred during shipment, please notify your Dealer.

portable COD Reactor

portable COD Reactor Paremeter

Temperature Range 20-180℃
Accuracy ±3°C (@ 25°C)
Capacity 4 vials
Warm-up Time 10 – 15 minutes, depending on selected



Heating period 0-120mins
Environment temperature (0~40)℃
Environment relative humidity <=85%
Power Supply DC 12V/10A
Dimensions 110×170×135 mm

portable COD Reactor

1. Before unpacking, setting up or using this reactor it is important to carefully read this manual. Pay particular attention to all warnings, cautions and notes. Failure to do so could result in serious injury to the operator or damage to the equipment.

2. To ensure the safe use of this reactor, it must not be installed or used in any manner other than that specified in this manual.

3. Handling Vials: Handle the vials very carefully and wear protective clothing. After use, dispose of the reagent vials according to local regulations.

4. Safety Equipment: When operating with Reactor use protective clothing, including goggles or face mask and gloves.

5. Use of the optional safety shield is highly recommended.

6. Reagent Spills: Wipe up spilled reagents immediately. If reagent contacts skin, rinse the affected area thoroughly with water. Avoid breathing released vapors. Read the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for each reagent for complete chemical information.

7, Fire Hazard: Avoid the presence of flammable liquids or paper near the operating Reactor. A fire hazard could be created,

8. The reactor should be kept clean and any reagent spills should be wiped up immediately. Do not touch the heater block unless you are certain it has cooled.

9. If some reagent accidentally spills into the heater block, disconnect power and allow the

reactor to cool; then remove all vials and clean the block.

10. Should overheating occur, the reactor automatically shuts down, and all LCD indicators turn off. Contact your dealer for maintenance.

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