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WTF-B100 intelligent digital micro-anemometer




WTF-B100-intelligent digital micro-anemometer
Anemometer was used for weather (station), chemicals, power, industrial and mining enterprises
and other units used to record wind speed travel and instantaneous observation of the device.
WTF-B100-use intelligent digital micro-anemometer wind direction can be achieved digital
equipment and automation equipment is indispensable to the modernization of equipment.
WTF-B100-intelligent digital micro-wire anemometer is intelligent measurement and control
instruments, wind speed sensor consists of two parts. Intelligent measurement and control
instruments using 892,051 single-chip peripherals and the corresponding way, show some of the
highlights of the four single-window LED display. Traditional wind speed sensor products using
induction motor, so there is a low-precision equipment, measurement error, poor reliability,
inconvenience, and other shortcomings of the observation. WTF-B100-intelligent digital microanemometer wind speed detection sensors using the sea, the ship used in the measurement of
wind speed sensors, WTF-B100-intelligent digital micro-anemometer, compared with traditional
products, with high precision observation records convenience, reliability, and other advantage


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