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UV Cabinet M1 UV-Kammer M-Serie Dinies


The effects of UV lamps and spots are undisputed and have the potential to purify or illuminate with UV radiation surfaces or air of even entire rooms. For individual objects, there are much more effective devices, namely, UV chambers. UV low pressure lamps are used exclusively in the elegant aluminum devices to reduce both the temperature and energy consumption. The objects to be irradiated can be brought so close to the surface of the UV lamps, enabling effective workflow.

All UV lamps can be fitted with different wavelengths increasingly enormously their fields of application.

The advantages of UV chambers

  • Use for multiple tasks
  • Low temperature development
  • Decreased exposure time with increased effectiveness
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Safety for human health and the environment
  • Modular system allows needs orientation

Areas of application for UV lamps

  • UV sterilisation of surfaces
  • UV drying of lacquered or printed surfaces
  • UV hardening of glued parts (UV curing)
  • Polymerisation of UV sensitive synthetics
  • EPROM deletion using UV irradiation

The M Series of UV chambers are perfect for laboratories or small productions. The main difference is the dimension, suiteable for different production lots. The UV appliances are equipped with an electronic timer from 0 – 999 h and an operation time counter. To prefent that UVC light is coming out of the appliance, a safety switch cut-off the lamp circuit as soon as the drawer of the appliances is opened.

As standard the appliance is equipped with a UVC lamp (253,7 nm). However depending on the application a UVA lamp (365 nm) can be installed as well.


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