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TPR-3005-2D 0-30V/0-5A DC High Power Supply


Model: TPR-3005-2D

This serial power supply is a kind of high-precision linear dc power supply. It composed of two way regulated output and one-way fixed output. In addition, it can be acted both as constant voltage and constant current power supply. What’s more, its constant voltage and constant current can convert automatic. With high stability, high reliability and low nose, it can be used in many different areas.

Ø        Application:

Educational Laboratories

Electronic production line
communications industry
product research

All other areas need dc power supplies


Suitable for the laboratory, electronic, communication equipment maintenance, products line, scientific research and teaching units

Products related to auto/products, related to electron/ products related to computer, research institutions, educational institutions can use it

Ø        Feature:
Panel design, Simple, generous and beautiful
Easy to operate and cheap cost
3Two adjustable outputs and one 5V/3A fixed output
Two-way regulated power supply can be randomly in series, in parallel or in dependently according to requirements. And do not need external connection, just control by switch
Have constant voltage and constant current operation mode. C.C and C.V convert automatically
Low Ripple and Noise
4groups 3LED digital display
Have current limitation protection

Ø        Specifications

Model: TPR-3005-2D

Input voltage: 220V±10% 50Hz±2Hz or 110V±10% 60Hz±2Hz

Operating temperature: 00C to 400C

Relative humidity: <80%

Storage temperature:-100C to 700C

Relative humidity: <70%

Output voltage: 2*0-30V

Output current: 2*0-5A 

Series voltage/current: 0-60V/0-5A

Parallel voltage/current: 0-30V/0-10A

Current effect: CV≤ 1×10-4+ 0.5mV

CC≤ 2×10-3+ 6mA

Load effect: CV≤ 1×10-4+ 2mV (output current≤3A)

≤ 1×10-4+ 5mV (output current>3A)

CC≤ 2×10-3+ 6mA

Ripples and noises: CV≤0.5mVr.m.s. (Output current≤3A)

≤1.0mVr.m.s. (Output current>3A)


Voltage display accuracy: ±1%+2 figures

Current display accuracy: ±2%+2 figures

Ø         5V Regular output power supply

Nominal output voltage: 5V±3%

Nominal output current:3A

Current effect : ≤1×10-4+1mV

Load effect: ≤1×10-3

Ripples and noises: ≤ 0.5mVr.m.s

Overall dimensions340*260*155mm

Working hours: constantly working more than 8 hours



Please choose the right input voltage on the back of DC power supply.
Incorrect choosing input voltage will damage the machine.


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