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TLS Unic Compound Binocular Electric Microscope

Brand: Unic


Brand Unic

Compound Binocular Electric Microscope

Binocular Compound Microscope has a pair of 10x widefield eyepieces, a forward-facing nosepiece with four achromatic objectives, LED illumination, coaxial nested coarse and fine focus, 1.25 NA Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm and green filter, and a mechanical stage. The binocular head has a pair of eyepieces that slide to adjust interpupillary distance, a fixed inclination to reduce eye and neck strain, and rotation capability to provide a more comprehensive view and enable sharing. An anti-mold coating preserves optics in high-humidity areas. A forward-facing nosepiece eases changing objectives. Finite semi-plan achromatic objectives provide color correction and improved focus over the central 80 percent of the viewing field. The 40xS (spring) and 100xS (spring, oil) objectives are spring-loaded to retract when they come into contact with the stage or slide, preventing slide damage when focusing. The 100xS oil objective provides increased resolution over a standard objective.
A compound microscope is used for inspection and dissection of specimens when two-dimensional images are desired.

The microscope has lower (diascopic) brightfield illumination that transmits light up through the specimen for enhanced visibility of translucent and transparent objects. Brightfield (BF) illumination allows the specimen to absorb light, resulting in a dark image on a light background. The LED light source provides bright, cool light for working with temperature-sensitive or live specimens, and a rheostat controls the amount of light emanating from the lamp. The Abbe condenser can be adjusted to control the distance of the light from the stage, and has an iris diaphragm to optimize the amount of light illuminating the specimen. A green filter is included to modify the light to suit various specimens. The mechanical stage locks the slide into place and provides precise slide manipulation along the X- and Y-axes. Coaxial coarse and fine focus knobs are nested to speed focusing for left-and right-handed viewers.

Microscope Head and Optics Specifications:
Head Binocular, sliding
Magnification range 40x to 1000x
Head inclination 45 degrees
Head rotation 360 degrees
Interpupillary adjustment 55 to 75mm
Eyepieces WF10x18
Nosepiece Quadruple, forward-facing
Objectives, brightfield 4x, 10x, 40xS, 100xS (oil)

Microscope Illumination and Stage Specifications:
Focus type Coaxial coarse and fine
Fine focus divisions and precision 0.002mm
Coarse focus stroke 37.7mm
Fine focus stroke 0.2mm
Focus travel range 28mm
Condenser 1.25 NA Abbe
Light source LED with rheostat
Illumination type Brightfield
Stage type Mechanical
Stage dimensions 140 x 140mm (W x D)
Stage travel range 75 x 50mm (X-direction x Y-direction)


H is height, the vertical distance from the lowest to highest point; W is width, the horizontal distance from left to right; D is depth, the horizontal distance from front to back.

What’s in the Box?
Binocular Compound Microscope
(2) WF10x18mm eyepieces
4x semi-plan achromatic objective
10x semi-plan achromatic objective
40xS semi-plan achromatic objective
100xS (oil) semi-plan achromatic objective
Green filter
Immersion oil
Dust cover


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