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Speedy / Rapid Moisture Meter China


Rapid Moisture Meter 25 & 50 percent – (SICSRMM-01)


Introduction: For quick determination of moisture content of materials in powder form viz. Soil, sand, coal, pottery slip, cement etc. Calcium carbide when comes in contact with moisture acetylene gas in generate. This principle is used in rapid moisture meter. A weighted quantity of sample is mixed with fixed quantity of calcium carbide reagent and the whole mixture is thoroughly shaken in a vessel to which a pressure gauge is fixed. The acetylene gas produced developes pressure and pressure gauge is calibrated to read percentage moisture. The instrument indicates moisture on wet/weight basis easily convertible to dry weight basis.
Specifications for 25%: The unit consists of a pressure vessel with clamp for sealing cap, rubber sealing gasket, pressure gauge is calibrated in percentage moisture content 0-25% x 1% on the wet weight basis a counter poised balance for weighing sample, a scoop for measuring carbide reagent, a bottle of reagent, one cleaning brush and a set of 4 steel balls for thorough mixing. Complete in highly polished wooden carrying case with handle.
Specification for 50%: Same as above but pressure gauge calibrated 0-50% x 1 %. Spares: Carbide reagent, in bottles of 400 gms each.


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