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Setavap 2 Vapour Pressure Tester – 81000-2

The Setavap 2 vapour pressure tester is used for the measurement of gasoline, solvents, light crude oils, and similar products, using the “Mini” method. Fully evacuated chamber technology guarantees that the sample is tested under a full vacuum, as required by the “Mini” test methods. Unlike the expansion technologies that rely on moving pistons.



  • Rapid and automatic testing
  • “Mini” method uses 3 ml sample size
  • Selectable units – kPa or psi


Additional Information

All functions are accessed via a two button keypad and a rotary control. The digital display guides the operator through the test sequence, displays the instrument status and the test results. An audible prompt sounds, when an action is required from the operator.

A sample is injected through a septum, into a fixed volume chamber that is maintained at 37.8 °C ± 0.1 °C. The vapour to liquid ratio is 4:1. The pressure is automatically measured at one minute intervals, until three readings are within 0.1 kPa, which determines the end of the test.

Results can be displayed as total pressure (Ptot), dry vapour pressure equivalent (DVPE), EPA requirements, or Reid (crude) using pre-programmed correlation equations. These may be printed via the integral RS232 port and optional Data Printer (81002-3). A facility is included to allow two part tests (Pabs) to be conducted at 37.8 °C.

All valve operations are automated including sample draining also chamber venting and purging. The valves utilise solvent resistant Kalrez seals. Calibration of temperature and pressure is automated and simple to carry out.

Supplied with: septum holder, waste container, mains lead and instruction manual.


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