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Palintest Photometer 7000 Water Tester



The Palintest 7000 Interface Photometer brings a new dimension to the science of water testing.  The proven features of the Palintest photometer system have been interfaced with the latest in micro-processor technology.  The result – a direct-reading user-friendly photometer pre-programmed for Palintest water tests.

The Photometer 7000 with built-in wavelength filters is controlled through a splash-proof keypad.  Enter the program number for the test required and the instrument calls up the correct test calibration and verifies that the correct filter has been selected.  Simple display instructions guide the user towards the test result with direct-reading in either mg/l or molar concentrations.

In addition to the visual display, test results may be printed out through an optional printer.  

Moreover, test results are stored within the photometer and can be downloaded to a computer system at a later time.   Optional software enables results to be sent to a database, tabulated or printed out in report format.

The Photometer 7000 offers a variety of user-selectable set-up options.  The display can appear in English, French, German or Spanish languages, or as international symbols; and test results can be selected to appear as mg/l or molar display.  Users can select the option of entering sample identification numbers and dilution factors.

In addition to the sample number option, the Photometer 7000 features a built-in clock and calendar function.   Test results are stored and printed together with the time and date record.  The instrument also incorporates a countdown timer with warning bleeper to help in test procedures.

The Photometer 7000 is fully integrated with the current range of Palintest photometer-based tests.  A program updating service is available to registered users for future test development.

PT 270 Standard Photometer 7000

Pt270.jpg (37987 bytes) The Standard Photometer 7000 outfit comprises battery operated photometer, eight glass test tubes and dilution tube all contained in a moulded plastic carrying case.  Space to hold up to eight different reagent starter packs.  The outfit is complete with full operating instructions.  Does not contain reagents.

PT 272 Deluxe Photometer 7000

The Deluxe Photometer 7000 outfit contains photometer and dot matrix printer in an aluminium reinforced carrying case.  Space to hold up to 30 different reagent starter packs.  Both the photometer and printer are fitted with rechargeable batteries and supplied with mains adaptors.  The outfit is complete with eight round test tubes, dilution tube, sample container and De-Ion Pack deionised water maker.  Does not contain reagents. Pt272.jpg (30555 bytes)

PT 273 Engineers Photometer 7000

The Engineers Photometer 7000 outfit is designed particularly for use by water service engineers and representatives.  The kit comprises Photometer 7000 instrument with built-in filters, eight glass test tubes, De-Ion Pack deionised water maker, sample containers and dilution tubes, filtration equipment and thermometer.

The instrument is supplied in an aluminium reinforced ABS carrying case with space to hold up to 30 different reagent starter packs.  The case is fitted with a meter bag and detachable document holder.   It is designed so that engineers can carry test meters and other equipment as desired.  The case will also take a number of Palintest liquid reagent systems.   The outfit is complete with full operating instructions.  Does not contain reagents.

PT 274 Laboratory Photometer 7000 System

The Laboratory Photometer 7000 Set is designed to provide a complete water analysis system for the laboratory bench.  The set contains photometer and dot matrix printer, both with mains adaptors and rechargeable batteries.  The laboratory pack includes eight round test tubes, test tube rack, dilution tube, sample container and De-Ion Pack deionised water maker.   Does not include reagents.  The package is complete with data acquisition, database and report writing software program for use with a laboratory computer system.   (Computer not supplied). PT274.jpg (15232 bytes)


Instrument Type Multi-wavelength colorimeter with pre-programmed test calibrations
Wavelength Range 390 – 660 nm
Operating Wavelengths 410 nm, 490 nm, 520 nm 570 nm, 640 nm built-in filters.   Automatic verification by test program
Filter Bandpass ± 20 nm
Display Intelligent 2 x 16 character alphanumeric display.  Test identification and prompts in  English, French, German, Spanish plus international symbols.  Direct-reading of test results in mg/l. mmol/l or µmol/l.  Clock and timer display
User-Selectable Options Time/date set, date format, select display language, select units, sample number entry and dilution factor option
Internal Memory Stores 250 previous readings
Output Interface Output to printer or computer via RS232 serial interface
Test Cells For use with round test tubes – 10 ml, 20 mm OD, 18 mm path length
Power 9v (6 x 1.5v) alkaline batteries or rechargeable power pack with mains adaptor.  Power management system with auto-switch off or ‘continuous’ operation
Size Instrument only 200 x 160 x 55 mm
Weight 760g


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