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Ohaus AR223W Analytical Electronic Balance


Ohaus AR223CN Electronic Balance 220g 1mg 0.001g electron density balance

Excellent performance:
1.60M ARM high-speed processor
2. Environmental filtering optimization settings
3. Excellent micro pipette technology
The latest digital processing technology, quick access to a stable weighing results

Friendly interface:
1. Cruising around the guide button
2. The smart software SmarTexaM tips
3. The wide viewing angle Intelligent Backlit LCD display, dual-line data

Unique application features:
1.18 kinds of weighing units and custom units
2. Key Beep sound
3. Rich weighing mode
4. Data synchronization acquisition tool DDE
5. density function (for solids, liquids, porous materials, such as density test)
6. Built under hanging scales hook
7. Standard RS232 communication interface
GLP 8. with date and time / GMP print (internal clock battery)

Application-rich models:
1. Weighing piece – this application model to calculate the number of single weight of the items can be used for inventory control, parts packaging, inspection, distribution and counting and so on.
2. Percent Weighing – In this mode, first put the sample on the pan as a reference weight, reference weight will be displayed as 100%, then put the other load will be a percentage of the reference weight and compare the display after. This mode is suitable for applications solvent ratio, and other aspects of the product formulation.
3. Dynamic Weighing – This application mode is suitable for weighing objects of quality changes, such as mice, volatile substances. You may need to be set to: automatic, semi-automatic and manual mode.
4. Peak Hold – This feature can capture and display a series of weighing the largest stable readings can be applied to raw materials testing, quality control and other aspects.
5. density direct reading -OHAUS density determination by means of Archimedes’ principle (buoyancy method) to achieve, this method can be of solid, liquid and density of the porous material. (This feature requires complex OHAUS density components)

Model AR223W electronic balance
Range (g) 220
Readability (g) 0.001
Repeatability sd (g) 0.001
Linearity error (g) 0.002
Typical stabilization time 3s
Accuracy Category II
Calibration automatic external calibration, optional weight
Pan size (mm) diameter 100
Pan above the effective height (mm) 170
Dimensions (width X height X length) (mm) 217 307 343
Net / Gross Weight (kg) 4.5 / 7.3


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