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Myron L Company DS Meter Model 512T5



The Myron L DS TDS Meter model 512T5 is a portable, hand-held single-range instrument with a scale of 0-5000 ppm. Single Range DS meter.  Quickly determines the ppm/Total Dissolved Solids of almost any solution. Field-tested design has evolved over 40 years, making this the most popular and reliable hand-held conductivity meter style in the world. Fast, accurate, on-the-spot measurement with built-in electrodes for maximum protection.


Breakage is one of the major causes of sensor failure in a typical pH or conductivity instrument. Myron L instruments provide maximum protection for both the pH and conductivity electrodes inside the cell cup. The user-replaceable pH electrode features a chemical-resistant, porous liquid junction.


Our unique, durable, field-tested design has evolved over more than 40 years, making Myron L instruments among the most reliable and popular of their kind in the world. They’re lightweight and compact, yet Myron L’s DS and pDS Meters are also tough, with rugged, taut-band meter movements.


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