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LW TAG-101D 0.1Hz~2MHz Digital Frequency Signal Generator


LW TAG-101D 0.1Hz~2MHz Bandwith Low Frequency Signal Generator Adjustable Digital Frequency  Signal Generators

Product Information

1. Frequency range: 0.1Hz~2MHz, continuously adjustable
2. the output waveform: square wave, sine wave
3. Output attenuator: 0dB, 20 dB, 40 dB, 60 dB
4. the output level: 20Vp-p when open circuit,

not less than 10Vp-p value when 50Ω load
5. square wave front and rear edge is not more than 35ns
6. The sine wave distortion is less than 1%, the amplitude frequency characteristic is             less than ±0.3dB within 100kHz, and less than ±1dB above 1MHz.
7. input AC voltage 220V (110V optional)
8. Dimensions: 270 × 225 × 90mm
9. weight:  2.5Kg

Frequency range X1 shift: 0.2Hz-20Hz
X10 shift: 2Hz-200Hz
X100 shift: 20Hz-2KHz
X1K shift: 200Hz-20KHz
X10K shift: 2KHz-200KHz
X100K shift: 20KHz-2MHz
Output voltage 5V
Distortion ratio <0.1%  400Hz-200KHz
<0.5%  50Hz-500KHz
Evenness output ±1.5 decibels (about equal to 1KHz)
Output voltage > 10V (highest point)
Rising time <0.25 microseconds (within 200KHz)
Empty occupied ratio 50%±5% (from 1KHz to 200KHz
Output impedance 600Ω±10%
Input voltage Alternating current 110V or 220V for choice
Power wastage 10 watts


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