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Hydrology Electromagnetic portable flow Water Meters




Accuracy                 ±1.0%.
Power supply       1.5V*5 removable alkaline battery
Display LCD big screen back light display

shows flow velocity, depth, flow rate

and other measuring da

Communication interface RS485
Water level indication water level is 5 digit, flow velocity is 5digit, flow rate is
5 digit;
Measurement range flow velocity 0.01-10m/s (resolution ratio 5mm), flow
rate ≤1000m³/s, canal bottom width≤20m, canal deep≤20m;

 Static mass method & Standard meter method for calibration from DN15- DN2400, max calibrated flow is 13,000M3/h, expanded uncertainty is better
than 0.25% (K=2), flow stability is better than 0.5%
l 3 EMG flowmeter production line, investment 10 million, max annual capacity is
10000 units.


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