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Hach DR/2000 Direct Reading Spectrophotometer

Part Number: sku8672


Product Description

 Hach DR/2000 Direct Reading Reading Spectrophotometer

Ours looks like the one in the photo.

The Hach DR 2000 Spectrophotometer is a microprocessor-controlled, single-beam instrument suitable for the laboratory or the field.


The results can be displayed in percent transmittance, absorbance or concentration of the appropriate units of measure. The LCD dot-matrix digital display offers automatic ranging in the pre-programmed parameters, operator-selected languages (a choice of 14), full prompting during testing and error messages for procedural or instrument troubleshooting. A built in timer helps the operator observe specific reaction times called for in the test procedures. R-232 interface capability allows an external printer to be driven by the spectrophotometer, and a 0 to 1-volt analog output is provided for a recorder.

Wavelength: 400-900 nm
Bandwidth: 12 ±2 nm at 600 nm
Wavelength Resolution: 1 nm
Monochromator Design: Littrow Prism, Aspheric Optics
Wavelength Selection: Manual
Wavelength Readout: 3 digit LCD, 0.5 cm Character Height
Photometric Linearity: ± 0.002 A (0-1 A 500 nm – constant on mode)
Photometric Reproducibility: ± 0.005 A (0-1 A in constant on mode)
Source Lamp: Halogen Tungsten
Detector: Silicon Photodiode, UV enhanced
Data Readout: 4 digit LCD, 1.5 cm Character Height
Message Display: 16 character LCD dot-matrix, 0.6 cm Character Height
Operation Modes: Momentary, Constant On
Readout Modes: Transmittance, Absorbance, Concentration


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