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Digital Lcd Electromagnetic Radiation Detector


Warranty Period 6 Months

DT1130 hand-held electromagnetic radiation detector detects the radiation of work and home environment
1.For detecting environmental electromagnetic radiation: indoors, office, computer station room industrial control room, electricity wire, high voltage wire, monitor and so on which are the origin of radiation.
2.For detecting home electronics: cell phone, pc, tv set copy machine, fax machine, ac, refrigerator and so on.
3.Small size, light weight and portable.

Professional lcd digital electromagnetic radiation detector emf meter
1.Test accuracy: the lowest frequency of measurement of electromagnetic radiation up to 5hz.
2.Measure range: wide range of detectable frequency, test band width can be divided into high-frequency, low-frequency two steps of measurement.
3.Function:can detect the electromagnetic radiation everywhere.
4.Application:easy operation, can detect the power of electromagnetic radiation around home electronics, electricty wire, industrial equipment and so on.
5.Quality assurance: designed to meet ce industrial standard.


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