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The new Hach Odyssey DR/2500 Scanning Spectrophotometer is an innovative water analysis instrument, designed to help industries and municipalities meet regulatory require-ments for drinking water, wastewater, and boiler and cooling water.

Superior Technology
Odyssey’s built-in pH meter allows operators to test pH levels with one-touch, one-instrument efficiency, without interrupting photometric tests. The automatic wavelength calibration ensures superior accuracy. Auto wavelength selection feature saves time and eliminates the possibility of user error. Also, Odyssey’s universal cell adapter accommodates different sized sample cells, efficiently centering the cell to provide operators with quick and easy test setup. These features, plus its advanced concentric polychrometer optical system, will make a positive difference in your laboratory today.


Easy to Use
Odyssey is the first spectrophotometer that offers an innovative touch screen user interface. The interactive software guides users through easy, often automated, steps. The Favorite Programs Menu allows you to save frequently used programs for quick use. Built-in shortcuts allow instant access to setting adjustment options for date, resolution, units of measure, user ID, and sample ID. Odyssey’s sliding hood and touch screen design make it easy to clean and spill-resistant, and the instrument comes complete with an illustrated manual for reference.

Wavelength Range 365 to 880㎚
Bandwidth No greater than 4㎚
Wavelength Accuracy ±1㎚
Wavelength Resolution 0.5㎚
Wavelength Increment 0.1㎚
Stray Light ≤2.5A, ≤0.3%T@400㎚
Wavelength Selection Automatic, based on method selection
Photometric Calibration Automatic
Optical System Concentric spectrophotometer*
Readout Modes Concentration, transmittance, absorbance
pH Input sension 5-pin probe connector (probe optional)
RS-232 Output Standard 9-pin bi-directional
Serial Interface Standard 25-pin
Line Power
- 95 to 240V
- 50/60 Hz 
- Automatic selection
- Graphic user interface (320 x 240 pixel graphic display)
- Large display of pH and other test results
- Standard adjust
- Blank adjust
- Dilution factor
- Alternate chemical forms
- Built-in 
- timers
User Entered 50 user-entered programs
Data Storage
- 1000 data points (date, time, results, sample ID, user ID)
- Graph-stored data 
- Report generation 
- PC-based software upgrades via RS-232 
Documentation Methods manual and CD-ROM manual Instrument operations manual
Operating Conditions 10 to 40℃, up to 90% relative humidity
Enclosure Rating IP 32 – Splashproof and rainproof
Weight 1.95 kg (4.3 lb)
Shipping Weight 6.9 kg (15 lb)
Dimensions 19 x 38 x 13.5 cm (7.5 x 15 x 5.3 in)


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