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Digital Winding Machine


Product Description

ITEM        DHYA001 winding machine digital meter counter 
Material Plastic housing
Working Voltage 18~30 VDC
Working current MAX 0.2A
Guarantee One year without operation mistake
Origin Shanghai, China
Application Winding machines


  1. Counting length and weight (if for counting weight, it will be pre-order in advance)
  2. Any Circumference setting is available, widely usage of the counting function
  3. Length range: 1m~99999m
  4. It can count the rotate speed and yarn speed at true time
  5. When actual rotate speed or length is same as the setting value, the counter have the stop signal to the equipment to stop the machine
  6. Manual operating is available
  7. The counter has 1~5 holes for yarn sensors , when yarn breaks, the meter counter gives signal to Relay to stop the machine

       1. Press “Mode” button to change the shown parameter or setting parameter. The parameter changes every time press the button.

       2. When it is running, press “Mode” button over 0.5 second the shown status is changed between “current length”and “speed”.

       3. When it is running, press “Mode” button over 3 second, the show status is “detecting yarn”, meanwhile, “F2″light turns on. Then press the “F2″button over 2 seconds, the show status is changed among “setting”, “circumference”and “current length”. If change the parameter of “F2″,”setting”, “circumference”at this time, the revised parameter will be kept forever. 
Change the Parameter
Under setting status, pressing “MOVE”, “ADD 1″button can change the parameter accordingly.
Equipment Run and Off
Press “RUN/STOP” button can change the status of the equipment.
If the current length is same as the setting length, the setting length value is flashing. The equipment will stop. Clear all the value to turn on the equipment.


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