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Digital Temperature Indicator Jofra DTI050 A/B


Digital Temperature Indicator Jofra DTI050 A/B  Model DTI050:
-200 to 2500°C / -328 to 4532°F
STS-050 sensor:
-50 to 400°C / -58 to 752°F
Improve your accuracy
accuracy to ±0.012°C / ±0.021°F
DTI050 + STS sensor:
accuracy to ±0.04°C / ±0.072°F
Intelligent sensor
Critical information stored in a memory chip
in the intelligent sensor gives easy access
to relevant data and avoid mistakes
Fast response time
Ensures correct monitoring of the temperature stability
Specified low drift
Maintains a minimum uncertainty budget
throughout the period between re-calibration intervals
Wide selection of sensors
Straight sensors, 90° angled sensors or
cable sensors, offering flexibility in test
methods depending on the sensor-under test.
The JOFRA DTI050 handheld
digital temperature indicator,
offers a measurement accuracy to
Combined with an accurate JOFRA
STS-050 temperature reference
sensor, the DTI050 temperature
reference indicator is the perfect
reference thermometer.

This simple to use instrument offers great flexibility, being able to work
with both ‘smart’ and standard temperature sensors. A fast response
time ensures precise monitoring of temperature stability and low drift
reduces uncertainty of measurement between calibration intervals.
Supplied with a JOFRA STS-050 ‘smart’ temperature reference sensor,
the unit becomes a fully traceable thermometer with excellent accuracy
of measurement. It can be used as the reference for accurate verification
of temperature for both dry block and liquid bath temperature calibrators
or for direct measurement of critical temperatures in a process environment.
The graphical display makes it is easy to recognize the status of the
instrument and take readings. The DTI050 may also handle signals from
4-wire RTD’s, TC’s and thermistors.


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