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Digital Storage Oscilloscope 100mhz LW2102CEL


We are presented UTD 2102CE 2 channels digital oscilloscopes with the UNIT assurance. This oscilloscope allows you that you can make the desired measurements in a much wider frequency range up to 100 Mhz. You will able to follow and sace the measurements instantly from your computer screen with thisoscilloscope through to computer connection. In addition, the memory unit on the device allows you that you can record in non-computer environment. This oscilloscope is dual-channel, which means users can input two signals at the same time and these signals will be represented on the screen as two separate readings. It features in-built storage for tracking signals over a time period, and it is also possible to transmit signal data to PC via the use of a USB connection and software CD (both included in the package). The UTD2052CL uses bandwidth of 50Mhz, sampling rate of 500mS/s and rise time of ≤7ns. It also includes multiple trigger modes (edge, pulse, video and alternate) and comes with an array of adjustment buttons and advanced functions for ensuring you get the measurements you need at all times. Unit t digital storage oscilloscope 100mhz


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