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DBS,SBS, BSZ, BS Automated Partial Collector


BSZ-Automatic Partial  collector(digital)

BSZ-40 Automatic fraction collector(digital) Design with  ABS plastic shell, BSZ series collectors use new single-chip technology, with clockwise and counterclockwise, automatic reset and manual keys to control the tube. The collector has six digital display , function prompts, timing display, tube display, easy to operate .It also has a solenoid valve control to prevent the process of switching tube liquid leaks .Our collector can connect to peristaltic pump which produced from our factory.


• Round turntable design, accurate to the tube.

• Boot automatically detect function.

• with solenoid valve control, to prevent liquid leakage during switching exchange tube.

•The use of SCM control, take the tube accurate.

• Low noise, stable operation, easy to operate.

• new motor drive design, rapid reset.

• Connect to peristaltic pump which produced from our factory.

• Wide voltage design for complex power supply environments.

Application areas:

•  Wastewater treatment

•  Pumping liquid in Environmental experiments

•  Food experiment

•  Bioengineering experiment

•  Separation chromatography experiment


model BSZ-40 Automatic fraction collector(digital)
Tube quantity 40
Maximum capacity 50ML
Time set 1s-24hours
Function set Manual mode, clockwise ,counterclockwise
display 6 LED
Data save after power off 10 years
Outer space interface 5V(Can be used with my factory collector)
Working environment temperature Temperature 0-40℃ ,Humidity <85%
Power supply voltage 110/220AV  50HZ
Anti-vibration 10-500HZ
Dimensions 265*350*360mm
Weight 8.5KG



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