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Conolis Micro- Air Samplier Bertin Technologies P001080-CORMO-A.0



Coriolis Micro, an efficient portable biological air sampler

The Coriolis Micro biological air sampler weighs only 2.8 kg with its one-hour battery. Its small size makes it easy to transport, it is stable on its tripod, it is a perfect example of versatility and outdoor and indoor effective air quality monitoring.

The sampling time can vary from only a few minutes due to the high air flow (100 to 300 L/min) to more than 6 hours for extended air monitoring.

With Coriolis Micro, biocontamination analysis in medical or health environments, virological sampling, biological risk control, or even environmental pollution control directly in the field, only take a matter of hours. Its qualities are put to good use in the pharmaceutical, agri-food and veterinary industries, as well as in research and development.

Bio-aerosol samplings with Coriolis µ are limited to 10 minutes as evaporation naturally occurs during collection. The long time monitoring option allows users to maintain the collection liquid volume at a constant rate over the entire sampling period. Air sampling can be done over an extended period of time (from 1 minute to 6 hours of collection) to assess biological contamination.

This option converts the air sampler Coriolis µ into air monitoring equipment that provides new possibilities for investigation into biodiversity, indoor air quality, outdoor biological pollution air monitoring, the veterinary and food industries or biomedical and health facilities. The user manually sets the injection rate for collecting the liquid automatically poured inside the cone during air sampling.

Traditional value is 0,6mL/min in a standard environment. The device can be paused to control the adjustment of the liquid level. This option is compatible with any Coriolis µ – a software upgrade is required. The Coriolis μ shipment box is designed for nomad sampling or storage. In double-walled robust plastic, it can be used for multiple shipments to the sampling site.


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