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CEZ-301 Portable Digital Electronic Circuit Trainer


Basic diode/triode switching  characteristic, clipper and clamper
  • Gate circuit logic function and test  experiment of TTL and COMS series
  • Combinational logic circuit experiment
     – NAND gate designed voting circuit
     – NAND gate, XOR gate, AND gate formed  half adder circuit
     – Data selector (select 1 from 4) formed  half adder or half subtracter
     – Two data selectors (select 1 from 4)  formed half adder or half subtracter
     – Logical operation
  • Trigger experiment (R-S, D, JK)
  • Integrated counter and register  experiment
  • Decoder and data selector experiment
  • Monostable trigger and Schmitt trigger
  • Self-excited multivibrator
  • NE555, NE556 time base circuit experiment
  • D/A, A/D conversion circuit
  • Electronic stopwatch
  • Competition responder
  • Tug of war game machine


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