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CEL-320/CEL-360 Dosemeter/Sound Level Meter 25-552


CEL-320/CEL-360 Dosemeter/Sound Level Meter 25-552

Brand Casella
Model number  CEL-360
These meters are lightweight, rugged, compact and easy to use. The detachable microphone lead can easily be replaced with a sound level meter microphone to provide dual functionality as a hand held logging sound level meter and as a personal dosemeter. Both models are able to download information to printers and PC software for report writing. Both models have three overlapping measurement ranges: 30 – 100, 50 – 120 and 70 – 140dB. A and C frequency weightings, as well as Fast, Slow and Impulse time weightings. Data can be presented as % dose, SPL, Max level, Leq and with run duration stored in up to 50 measurement runs. Model CEL-320 also features selectable start/stop timers and profiling of as many as 220,000 data points, including cumulative data and a time history of up to 10 parameters. The CEL-320 is ideal for monitoring the sound exposure level of employees or performances in a reasonably controlled situation, and the added functionality of the CEL-360 is ideal for those with irregular working patterns, unattended monitoring of workers or performances and where noise investigation is required. The CEL-360 is supplied complete with CEL-6702 Windows download software and C-6671 download cable. Full technical brochure available on request.


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