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  • New with carrying strap, aluminium toolbox, blue
  • Mechanical manometer with pressure range of 2,5 bar, lid damping according to EN 837-2 and direct reading of humidity for the weights 20g, 50g and 100g
  • Accuracy: Class 1.0
  • Calibrated pressure bottle with surface thermometer
  • Precise, sturdy, high-quality spring-scale till 100g
  • 25 normed ampoules with 7.0g (± 140mg) Calcium Carbide according to DIN 18560-4
  • 3 tested ampoules with 1.00g water (+/- 1%)
  • Complete tool set for sample taking and preparation


Carbide Moisture Meters

Carbide moisture meters are precise moisture meters and are based on the carbide-method. The existing free water in samples undergo a chemical reaction and then can be measured directly. Every sample will be dried.

Due to the very sturdy and precise tool, you can reliably measure the water content of any given sample.

Each set is equiped with all necessary tools for sample taking, sample preapration and weighing. To execute the measuring be aware of the the chemical reaction that takes place within the steel bottle and follow the procedure described in the manualthe tutorial video’s and the security information given in the MSDS.


Floorers use carbide moisture meters to reliably determine the readiness of screeds (underlay) as to ensure safe laying of parquet, ceramics and other floor coverings.


Spare Parts for Carbide Moisture Meter

The spare parts for your CM-devices are always on hold and in storage, so we can deliver them to you, whenever it is necessary. All monometers undergo rigourous quality control tests before they are made available for purchase.

In this video, you can see how these tests are done:

We test all our manometers!

Our digital pocket scales are delivered with a calibration weight, so you can reliably test your scales whenever you need to. If necessary, you can calibrate the scales on your own by using the calibration functions to make them work properly again.

Aside from the general equipment for you CM-device, you can find spare parts for the taking of samples, sample weighing and also accessories for the BUSINESS version of our CM-devices.


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