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CAP -301 Programmable Logic Controller Trainer


This trainer is a classic programmable logic controller training system, which offers the ideal conditions for real world-oriented training. The trainee or student can learn how to configure and program SIMATIC S7 control systems by using genuine S7 components and signal modules suitable for educational purposes.
• 13 simulation modules with PLC mainframe module are built in a portable box, which extremely reduces the experiment cost and operating space, making the training available for anyone at any places.
• The experiment box is made of aluminum profile, designed with three portable handles on three sides,it is easy to carry and convenient for student to conduct experiments.
PLC mainframe
• Work with STEP 7 programming software
• Data types
• Creating statement lists
• Programming languages STL, LAD and FBD
• Programming of counters and time makers, comparison and arithmetic functions
• Program structure, invoking subroutings
• Putting into operation and testing

Demo systems
• Various liquids automatic mixing control
• Automatic punching machine
• Automatic vending machine
• Traffic light control
• Automatic water tower water supply
• Analog television transmitting tower
• Automatic goods delivery and loading system
• Automatic molding machine

• Plating system
• Automatic washing machine
• Mail sorting
• Automatic motor control
• Signal input and output


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