-0.3 to +2.5 A
Accepts standard 10mm pathlength glass or disposable cuvettes. Test tube and heated cell holders are available accessories.
225 mm
Graphical, peak display with track and zoom
English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese
90/265 V
90/265 V, 50/60 Hz, 15 VA
133 mm
Flat grating
±0.010A or ±2.0% whichever is the greater between 0 and 1.500A at 546nm
<0.002 A at 0 A and 500 nm
90 with PIN number protection
325 mm
USB PC connection with PVC software
CMOS Array
225 x 325 x 133 mm
Pulsed Tungsten Halogen
325 to 1100 nm
Single wavelength absorbance, Single wavelength % transmittance, Concentration with factor, Concentration with single standard, Kinetics, Life Science Methods, �Cell Density
The unit, PVC software, sample 8/pk of disposable cuvettes,dust cover, USB cable for PC connection, 18V power supply with EU,UK,US and Japan power cords
<0.002A RMS at 0A and <0.003A RMS at 1A both at 600nm
-0.300 to 2.500A, 0.3 to 199%T
<1%T at 340 nm
±2 nm
1.6 kg