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Barnstead E-Pure Benge BG324



  • System achieves resistivities up to 18.2 MΩ-cm and TOC levels below 10ppb.
  • Virgin polypropylene water pathways prevent recontamination.
  • Recirculation pump continuously recirculates water throughout the entire system to maintain water purity and reduce the quantity of wastewater required for rinse-up.
  • System is wall-mountable and completely assembled for easy installation.
  • Quarter-turn quick release canisters allow for easy cartridge replacement.
  • 0.2μm absolute final filter removes bacteria and particulates that could alter your results.
  • Digital resistivity meter is automatically temperature-compensated to 25°C, preventing fluctuating readings due to temperature changes.

Ordering Information:

Optional accessories include Remote Dispenser , Low Pressure Pump Protector , and Low Water Level Pump Protector. These products, as well as replacement cartridges and consumables, are available separately. For details, contact your sales representative.


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