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Automatic Fraction Collector for HPLC,BSZ40 Digital



BSZ-40 Automatic fraction collector Design with ABS plastic shell, BSZ-40 series collectors use new single-chip technology and frequency conversion speed regulation technology, which can automatically and quickly reset, stabilize and mute. The collector has English menu operation settings, timing functions, the other with automatic reset after the research, the operation can be suspended at any time (without repeated steps), with POST and automatic Seek orbit, fault tips (liquid leak alarm). The current tube, time, remaining tube is shown on the LCD screen . After the research, the instrument will reset automatically, Low power (15w) make the device safer. .It also has a solenoid valve control to prevent the process of switching tube liquid leaks .Our collector can connect to peristaltic pump which produced from our factory. Features: • Round turntable design, accurate to the tube. • Boot automatically detect function. • with solenoid valve control, to prevent liquid leakage during switching exchange tube. •The use of SCM control, take the tube accurate. • Low noise, stable operation, easy to operate. • new motor drive design, rapid reset. • Connect to peristaltic pump which produced from our factory. • Wide voltage design for complex power supply environments.

Model:BSZ-40 Automatic fraction collector(digital) Tube quantity:40 Maximum capacity:50ML Time set:1s-24hours Function set:Manual mode, clockwise ,counterclockwise display: 6 LED Data save after power off:10 years Outer space interface:5V(Can be used with my factory collector) Working environment:temperature:Temperature 0-40℃ ,Humidity <85% Power supply voltage:110/220AV 50HZ Anti-vibration:10-500HZ Dimensions :265*350*360mm.


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