Tomtec Autogizer 2 Automated Homogenizer



Tomtec Autogizer 2 Automated Homogenizer

System includes:

Tomtec Autogizer 2 Automated Homogenizer
(2) Stainless 95 Sample Trays
(1) 95 Sample Thermal Tray
(1) 60 Sample Thermal Tray
(2) Water Heated/Cooled Thermal Plates
Keyboard & Mouse

Condition: Nice, clean overall condition with only minor wear (minor paint wear near wash tanks)

Functionality: System was removed from a working lab and has been tested to be fully functional

The Autogizer2 is a fully automated tissue homogenization system. With its five variable speed cutters, it can process up to 19 unique tissue groups per run for a total of 95 samples. The Autogizer2 is shipped with five (5) variable-speed, high torque, low noise Omni International brushless cutter motors, which can accommodate 7 mm (standard) or 10 mm cutters. The Autogizer2 runs under an imbedded image of Windows driving an intuitive graphical user interface for setting motor speed, duration, mixer depth and blade cleaning cycle between processed tissue groups.