osaw advanced spectrometry



It is a very precise instrument with enhanced aesthetics. The graduated scale is fitted on the spindle and two double ended verniers. Both telescope and scale have provision for coarse and fine movement. The prism table has leveling screws and markings on it for positioning of prism. The spectrometer is mounted on a wooden base board. It is supplied with Prism (EDF), Magnifier, Allen Key, Grating Holder and Prism Holder.
Scale Brass, Dia. 175mm.
Objective Achromatic, focal length 178 mm, aperture 32mm
Slit German silver.
Reticle 90 Degreecross etched on glass.
Least count 20 seconds
Base Aluminium Casting
NoteThe device is supplied in a wooden box.

It is a robust instrument with high performance. A double ended vernier is provided. Both telescope and table have a fine adjustment. Spectrometer table has lines marked to assist positioning of prism. Supplied complete with prism, magnifier, Allen Key, grating holder & prism holder.
Scale Brass Scale, Dia 150mm
Objective Achromatic, focal length178mm, aperture 32mm
Slit German silver
Reticle 90 Degreecross on glass
Least count 1 minute
Base Aluminium Casting


Product Description

Exp-1 To determine the Refractive index of the material of Prism using Sodium Light.
Exp-2 To determine the Dispersion power of a prism.
Exp-3 To determine the resolving power of the prism.
Exp-4 To verify the Cauchy formula.
Exp-5 To determine the wavelength of Sodium Light using a plane diffraction Grating.
Exp-6 To determine the Resolving Power of a plane diffraction grating.