Oregon Scientific WMR300 Ultra-Precision Professional Weather System


  • utdoor/Indoor temperature and humidity
  • Measures wind speed and direction, with a speed range: 0-80 mph
  • Self-emptying rain collector with rain readings from 0 – 393.6 inches
  • Graphical display of history data up to 24 days
  • Atomic clock

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Move beyond amateur backyard weather stations with the Ultra-Precision Professional Weather System! This weather station gathers and automatically uploads accurate and detailed weather data straight to your computer. Customizable recording interval settings allow users to capture and store information via the data logger at selected intervals for improved usability in research and study. Powered by the sun and capable of wirelessly transmitting data from 1,000 feet away, the system makes it easy to monitor micro-climates for land and crop management, gather and analyze weather data in difficult terrain, and more. Features include: weather forecast and barometer, indoor barometer reading range: 540 to 1,100mb/hPa with pressure change alarm, outdoor temperature range: -40° Fahrenheit to 149° Fahrenheit, indoor temperature range: 32° Fahrenheit to 140° Fahrenheit, outdoor/Indoor humidity alarm for high and low, wind speed and direction, wind speed range: 0 – 80 mph, wind display modes: Gust/average wind speed & direction, wind speed alarm for hi gust speed, rainfall measure, self-emptying rain collector with rain readings from 0 – 393.6 inches, rain alarm for hi rain rate and past 24 hr, atomic clock, sunrise/sunset time and moon phase, graphical display of history data up to 24 days, data logger up to three years, large touch screen LCD display with backlight, 1000 foot sensor transmission range, USB connection to PC, and a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.