Heidolph™ Reax Control Shaker/Mixer

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  • The strong 5mm vibration orbit yields the best results even with high viscosity media or solids out of solution and quickly gives a smooth and even dispersion
  • Switch to continuous mode – the unit performs a permanent vibration motion
  • Switch to automatic mode – the unit will start once a vessel is pressed to the plate and will stop automatically once this pressure is released
  • Fast and dependable mixing results due to high vibration frequency rates up to 2,500rpm
  • Plate for 20mm diameter test tubes is included as a standard. Test tube tray for flasks up to 50mm diameter is optionally available in the accessory section
  • Analog dial speed control with accurate rpm numbers setting
  • Improve your results with the electronic speed control that provides constant rpm output even at very low speed and under changing load


DIN EN 60529, IP 22

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Strong mixer/shaker works well with even highly viscous media. Heidolph™ Reax Control Shaker/Mixer can work in either continuous or automatic mode.

Brand:  Heidolph™ 541-11000-00

Additional Details : Weight : 3.30000kg

Additional information

Weight 3.30000 kg