Digestion and Distillatio Unit Kjeldhal Apparatus LI – 141




  • It consists of one heater box 220 volts AC having six heater each 500 watts with individual control by a energy regulator with cord and plug .one glass fume duct with six holes for accommodating neck of kjeldhal flask of 500 ml capacity six kjeldhal flask capacity 500 ml of borosilicate glass for digestion of samples
  • It consists one heater box 220 volts AC having six heater each 500 watts , with individual control by energy regulator , cord . plug
  • A water inlet and outlet main fold with two large size boss.head for fitting on the tubular stand . It is connected to the inlet and outlet tubes of the glass condenser by rubber pipes
  • Kjeldhal distillation assembly with interchangeable glass joint size B-24 consists of following components.
  1. Kjeldhal flask capacity 500 ml
  2. Splash head
  3. Leibugs condenser
  4. Receiver adapter
  5. Receiver flask ……………………… 6 set
  • Clamp hold the kjeldhal distillation assembly These clamps are hold in the water inlet and outlet main fold by screw
  • The digestion and distillation units are arranged on tubular stand as shown in the diagram. The stand may be assembled as per diagram , Each part is numbered and two similar numbers may be connected together
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