Conductivity Electrode

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The combination pH electrode has a glass body for use across a wide temperature range and with corrosives, a refillable Ag/AgCl electrolyte for prolonging the life of the meter, and a Bayonet Neill-Concelman (BNC) connection with a 1 m cable. This basic electrode is less costly than many electrodes. It can be used with Russell meters, and any meter with a BNC connection. The electrode comes with a six month warranty.

pH range is 0 to 14, temperature range is 0 to 80 degrees C (32 to 176 degrees F), and body dimensions are 120 mm (length) x 12 mm (diameter), with a 1 m (39”) cable. This electrode uses 4 M KCl Orion 900011 refill solution. Buffer and storage solutions are sold separately.

pH electrodes are used in pH meters and testers to measure the acidity or alkalinity of a substance. They are often constructed of glass, which senses hydrogen ions, and generates a millivoltage that is picked up by the filling solution and transferred to a wire that connects to the pH meter.