aquatron automatic water stills A4000

820,000.00 750,000.00


An electronic controlled water still which is capable of producing a high quality distillate. The still has a unique double pitch coil condenser which produces a low temperature distillate around 25-35°C, allowing immediate use. Features push button switches for ease of operation. A level control device automatically turns off the heater and water supply when the reservoir is full. The still has two safety cut-out devices for protection in the event of coolant or water feed failure. The long life heating element is sheathed in silica glass for maximum purity, to provide high quality pyrogen free output (conductivity less then 2μs/cm). It can be used with pre-treated water by using a water feed kit (optional extra). Cleaning is simple and can be carried out without dismantling any glassware. The still is easily installed and can be wall or bench mounted.

• Output: 4 litres per hour

• Pyrogen content: Nil

• pH: at 20°C 5.0 to 6.5

• Conductivity: 1 to 2μS/cm

• Resistivity: at 20°C Mohm /cm3

• Temperature: 25-35°C

• Water supply: 1 litre per minute, 3 – 100 psi

• Power: 220-240V, 50-60Hz, 13A fused

• Dimensions: 550 x 240 x 410mm, width x depth x height