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GC-4000 Series

GC-4000A (LCD Screen) Gas Chromatograph

GC-4400 Portable Photo-Ionization Gas Chromatograph

GC-4400 Portable Photo-Ionization Gas Chromatograph

GC-4085 Multi-Point Coal Mine Gas Chromatogram Analyzer

GC-4008B Gas Chromatograph Specialized for Coal Mines

GC-4000A Series GCs are suitable for applications in analysis of gases, liquids, and mixture of gases and liquids. Our products are widely used in the fields such as petroleum, chemical industry, coal mining, food, environmental sciences, pesticide, hygiene and epidemic prevention, quality inspection etc.

GC 4000A Features

  •    Low-cost high-efficiency
  •    Uniquely designed column oven, exceptionally low background noise
  •    Interchangeable, separate units provide for easy customization
  •    Optional remote activation unit
  •    The instrument is connected to a data processing workstation that greatly improves efficiency
  •    8-ramp programmable temperature control system

5 Detectors to choose

 Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD) : Used for macro analysis of gases and liquids.

 Flame Ionization Detector (FID): Used for analysis of hydrocarbon group and of organic in other fields.

 Flame Photometric Detector (FPD): Used for trace level analysis of sulfide and phosphide.

 Nitrogen-Phosphorus Detector (NPD): Used for trace level analysis of nitride and phosphide.

 Electron Capture Detector (ECD) : Measure compounds that are capable of capturing the electrons.


A5000 Chromatography Data Workstation:


TD-01 Thermal Desorption Device

Coupled with GC, TD-01 Thermal Desorption can be used to detect total volatile organic compound (TVOC) for indoor or outdoor air samples.


n         Heating system controlled by a microprocessor. Uniquely designed heating oven. Quickly rise/drop temperature. Safe operation and good repeatability.

n         Simple touch buttons on the panel, making operation easy to understand. From beginning of desorption program, to raise to temperature and inject the samples, the whole process can be completed  automatically.

Unique “trigger” structured design for sampling tube, making assembling and disassembling the sampling tubes quick and convenient, suitable for analyzing large quantities of samples.




Sensitivity Noise
TCD S≤5000mv.mg/ml (benzene) ≤0.02mv
FID M≤1×10-11g/sec ≤1×10-14 A
ECD M≤2×10-13g/ml (r-666)
FPD Ms≤5×10-11g/sec(thiophene)


NPD Mn:1×10-13g/sec